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Начало МЕЖДУНАРОДНИ ПРОЕКТИ ERASMUS+ ERASMUS+ КД2 - Еquality, Values, Acceptance Програма за дейностите в Португалия от 5 декември до 11 декември 2021 г.
Програма за дейностите в Португалия от 5 декември до 11 декември 2021 г.
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5-11 of December 2021 – Resende, Portugal

Dionísio Ferreira: +351 966316375

4-12-2021 – SATURDAY

Arrival day I


Hotel Chique

Costs: 98 euros ( 2 twin rooms+city taxes)

Adress: Avenida dos Aliados 206, 4000-065 Porto, Portugal


5/12/2021 – SUNDAY

Arrival day II


ESTONIA:  12.05


GERMANY: 15.40


16.10 Transfer from airport ( costs: 11,07 euros/participant)


18.00The students with their families  will be waiting for you at school.

Accommodation for the teachers: Alojamento das Caldas

Adress: Av. Dr. Correia Pinto 221 Fracção K, 4660-013 Anreade

Phone: +351 254 403 279

Price : 30 euros (single room) / 45 euros ( twin room) .

You can pay in cash or by card.

 Breakfast is included in the price.

Dinner at Alojamento das Caldas



6/12/2021 – MONDAY

Getting to know each other

09.15   Pick up from the Hotel ( our school will pay the transfers hotel/school/hotel)

Transfer contact: +351 915 146197

09.30   Welcome + Music  

Ouside+ Room:  Library

Portuguese students: Mara, Maria+Marcela, José, Rua, Leonor e Lara.

10.30 Break

11.00   Guided tour through our school ( guides: Mara, Ana Pinto e Maria; Carolina+Margarida ).

12.00   Games to get to know each other:

Please,  click on on the link .

Room: Library

12.45 Portuguese for beginners

Room: Library

( leaders: Carolina  e Margarida Bernardo )

Please,  click on on the link .


13:30   Lunch in the school canteen ( no costs for you)

14.45  Workshop The migrations in Portugal

Room: Library

( leaders: Maria Inês+ Margarida Vasques )

Portuguese students: Miguel Cardoso, Juliana, José

15.30 Presentations from Turkey and from Germany

Room. Library

17:00   Reception with the mayor

Portuguese students: all host students

19:00   Dinner at Gentleman restaurant ( +351 938395540/254 878 100) ( teachers)

( No costs for our guests)



7/12/2021 – TUESDAY

Sketches day

09.00   Pick up from the Hotel

09:20   Meeting with migrants

Room: Auditorium EB 2

Portuguese students: Mara, Madalena,  Maria, Ana Sousa, Beatriz.

10:30   Break or Rehearsal of the prepared sketches (Germany)

11.00   Presentation of the prepared sketches ; students  discuss the prepared

           sketches and  collect the results for France.

Room: Auditorium EB 2

Please,  click on on the link .

13.30   Lunch in  the school canteen ( no costs for you)

14.45 Meeting with delegation of Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa

Room: Auditorium EB 2

19.30   Dinner at Bar das Caldas (918 419 162)


8/12/2021 –WEDNESDAY

Day in  Guimarães

07.45   Pick up from the Hotel

07.50 Pick up from the school ( for students)

10.00   Visit to Guimarães ( Castle, Palace of the Dukes, Old Town:Largo da Oliveira, Igreja de Nossa Denhora dos Passos...)

  (Our school pay the entrance fees)

13.00  Free Lunch  ( teachers+ students from each partner schools)

16.30 Departure to Resende

18.30 Arrival in Resende

19:30   Dinner at  Dona Maria restaurant ( +351 254 101 634) ( 15 euros/person- for teachers)



09/12/2021 – THURSDAY

Workshop day

09.00   Pick up from the Hotel

09. 15 Workshop   Common values   ( part I: work+ presentation/discussion)

           Leader: estonian team.

Room: A 208

Please, click on the link .

10.30 Break

10.45  Workshop   Common values  - only teachers (part II- What should the work on the  preamble  look like? Should only the EVA team or large parts of the school community be involved? Should the preamble contain all common values or only those that refer to tolerant and peaceful coexistence at our schools? Should the preamble  be  just on paper or should it be clearly visible in some way, artistically designed and displayed in the school?)

Leader: german team.

Guest students will go to the classes with host students.

13.30 Lunch at school canteen  ( No costs for our guests )

14.45   Visit to  Municipal Museum (students+ teachers) and Coordinators’ meeting

Room:  room next to the Headmaster's office )

16.30 Evaluation:

Please,  click on on the link .

19:00   Farewell party at school  ( no cost for our guests); certificate’s ceremony.

Each country brings some traditional snacks for the big tasting of local snacks of our 6 countries . Some of our cooks will prepare hot food.  You have  the possibility to use the kitchen or  serve only  cold dishes. Le me know in advance ( 1 week before arrival in Resende ), if you need to use the kitchen.

Each country prepares a program of 15 minutes to present its culture (you can teach us some traditional songs, dances or games...).





10/12/2021 – FRIDAY

Day in Porto

07.25   Pick up from the Hotel ( teachers)

07.35 Pick up from the School ( students)

10.00   Visit: Centro São Cirilo: https://www.saocirilo.pt (+351 228 348 460)

R. do Barão de Forrester 968, 4050-272 Porto

11.45 City center visit- Part I

13.00 Lunch free (teachers+ students from each partner schools)

14.30 City Center visit - Part II

16.00 Free time

17.00 Departure to the hotel by bus

18.00  Check-in into the Hotel+ saying goodbye

I made a booking in the Park Hotel Porto Aeroporto  for all the groups, with breakfast:

Single room:  51  euros

Double room: 56 euros

Triple Room:  79 euros

20.30 Arrival in Resende ( portuguese students)




11/12/2021 – SATURDAY

Departure day

FRANCE: 6.25

GERMANY: 10.05

TURKEY: 10.45

ESTONIA: 12.55